What to Expect.

One of our passions is elevating the role of an Executive Assistant to that of a strategic partner. Our coaching program has been created with this in mind.

While taking a deep dive into your personal values and brand as an individual and as an Executive Assistant, we will also bring awareness to the soft skills needed to really bring about a partnership with your leader. We will work together to create ways to implement these in real time, in addition to polishing hard skills.

You will walk away with a new understanding of what it means to be a strategic partner and manager of the executive office.

Executive Assistant Coaching Outline

Stage 1: Alignment and Discovery
  • Assessments and Intake Forms
  • Alignment conversation with Leader and EA
  • Goal setting and desired outcomes
Stage 2: Eight weeks of weekly, one-on-one coaching
Stage 3: Coaching Closure
  • KPI’s developed and implemented into a system to track
  • Re-alignment conversation with Leader and EA
  • Newly written/edited job descriptions

Stage 4: Three, monthly one-on-one coaching sessions

Coaching Session Breakdown

Session 1: Building the Foundation

  • What is an Executive Assistant?
  • Strategic Partner and Executive Office Manager
  • Shared Expectations and Intent Exercise
  • Executive Presence
  • Drama Triangle and office politics

Session 2: Values

  • Personal Values Assessment
  • Value alignment between personal and organizational values
  • Review company strategic plan, mission, vision and values
  • Accountability and belief loop explained and implemented


Session 3: Personal and Professional Brand

  • Personal Branding Excercise A & B
  • Write and adopt a personal mission statement
  • Write and adopt your personal branding statement
  • Exercise on strengths, weaknesses, goals and passions

Session 4: Best Practices

  • Email and Inbox Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Screen shares with coach to show current state
  • Working sessions with EA, Coach and Leader as needed

Session 5: Communication Rhythm and Priorities

  • Check-in frequency, length, and channels
  • Agenda for weekly check-ins and daily check-ins
  • Getting answers from your Leader
  • Time management and pushing back
  • What are “The Regulars”

Session 6: Staying Organized

  • Information Flow and Access
  • PM/Accountability Tools
  • Friday Checklist
  • Password Keeper
  • Executive Assistant Manual
  • EA tips for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly organization

Session 7: KPI's, Job Description and Org Chart

  • Develop KPI’s
  • Develop system to track and review KPI’s with Leader
  • Fully refreshed and updated Job Description
  • Review org chart placement
  • Develop and implement review rhythm

Session 8: Closing Session With Leader

  • What we heard in the beginning
  • Overview of coaching experience
  • Review steps taken 
  • Outcome
  • Wins and Successes
Going into the coaching I was not really sure what to expect, but after sitting down with Mackenzie and going through the process, I truly understood my role, I was given tools to improve and excel, and I saw a tremendous improvement in my work and also in the communication with my executive. I highly recommend this coaching program!

Naitsa Marrero

Executive Assistant Caprock Partners

The EA Coaching program It met and exceeded my expectations. The changes made added a mountain of value to our team and will be lasting. My assistant said to me “I now know exactly what my job description really is” and that added tremendous value to me.

Charlie Hamilton

Investor and Real Estate Developer Caprock Partners

A direct and immediate result of the training has left me feeling 3x more productive with
significantly less stress.

Jamie Schreder

CEO at Royal Lepage Wolstencroft Realty

My experience with Mackenzie has exceeded all my expectations! We directly addressed my personal growth, which put me in a better position to feel comfortable communicating with my leader, confidently leading conversations, and having more self-awareness when interacting with employees, vendors, and other professionals. She helped me discover my passion (which I believed I didn’t have) and she changed my perspective of the position from “just an assistant” to a key strategic player of the company. The program was too short, and I wish we had more time, but I acknowledge that I am very lucky to have an amazing leader who invests in his employees. I also lost 18 lbs. because I started to put my self-care first. Thank you!

Danielle Duncan

Executive Assistant at Roadway Moving Company

Mackenzie is a fantastic coach, she really helped elevate my skills as an executive assistant while also helping me become more clear on my values and ensuring they align with my work. I appreciated her honesty, certainty, and kindness throughout the whole process and will continue to highly recommend her.

Karmel Hassel

Executive Assistant, PHL Capital Corp

We went through EA Leader Coaching with Mackenzie and we couldn’t be happier with the program, results, and investment we made in both my EA and ultimately in my role as CEO. I can’t thank Mackenzie enough and for those thinking about the cost of this program – do yourself a favor and change you’re thinking – it’s an investment that pays immediate dividends. Thank you, Mackenzie.

Steve Ponte

CEO at PHL Capital Corp

This was an amazing experience and it really helped me become a better partner to the teams and leaders I support. We took a deep dive into my personal values and brand as an individual as well as an Executive Assistant.  We also discussed soft skills and the need to really bring about a partnership with a leader. It was honestly the best thing I’ve done for myself professionally — and the best thing I’ve done for me personally in a long time.

Sarah Wolff

Owner, Sarah Wolff Virtual Executive Solutions

“Mackenzie‘s program was a fantastic tool to help my EA and myself work together in a productive way right at the beginning of our relationship.”

Chris Gulbrandson

President, Apple Autos

“Mackenzie is fantastic and I am beyond grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with her. She was instrumental in helping me to be more productive in my role, guided and aided me to have a better understanding of what I should be taking care, and she was incredibly flexible and available to me. Thank-you Mack!”

Denise Tully

Executive Operations Manager at Paster Properties
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