Having a VA is life changing. It’s like going from walking on a tight rope with no net to having a net and knowing it’s there. With this in place you gain better confidence in being a better leader. When you’re in expansion mode this is key & makes it all much more fun! She has been instrumental in backing me up – working on items, one-by-one, administratively to peel off the things that can be done by someone else so I’m left to do the things I shine most at, and most-importantly, the things the company needs to grow & thrive.
Mercedes Austin

Owner / Founder / Mover / Shaker, Mercury Mosaics

I would highly recommend the VA concept to any smaller organizations that need part time assistance and flexibility to expand or contract hours in the future. While every VA comes with their own unique skill set, I have found some skill sets with my VA that I didn’t expect and that has made them an even greater asset. It is also good to know they can tap into other VA’s expertise if needed. Most importantly, the “virtual” aspect has proven to be a complete non-issue.
Mark Hudson


I have worked with Mackenzie for over 4 years. She has become an integrated part of our company and a true friend and partner. She embraces our culture and supports our clients and our team members as if they were her own. From tasks that seem small to big picture items, her head is always in the game and she strives to provide the type of support that would come from that of a partner rather than “just and admin role”. I highly recommend her and her company; all of the assistants on her team embody they same values and determination as she does.
Gary Cohen

Managing Director, CO2 Partners

I remember the first interaction I had with Mackenzie when I was emailing her CEO. She immediately emailed me back and offered information as her CEO she partnered with was out of town. She was so helpful and provided personalized service. She viewed her role and partnership with the CEO in such care that it was as if I was dealing with the CEO myself. In a way, I was.

Mackenzie’s role in partnering with her clients is seamless. She knows her clients/CEO’s so well that she is literally an extension of them. She is a trusted leader and they rely on her to take care of the right things. This allows them to do what they do best. I was so impressed with Mackenzie that I stayed in touch with her as she opened her own business and hired her team to partner with us. I highly recommend Mackenzie as the “go to” company for virtual and executive assistance for business owners and top-level leaders. She does this by organizing her executives through their schedules, CRM client engagement, implement systems, procedures, on boarding clients through automated systems to streamline efficiencies and so much more.

These are just a few areas she can assist leaders in. She has a calm while focused and service orientated demeanor that keeps everyone at their best. She is an important part of our team and are grateful for her professionalism and service.

Sara Lebens

Founder / CEO, Lebens Advisory Group

I highly recommend Mackenzie Doheny as an integral part of my business. She is extremely smart, forward thinking to anticipate the future business needs. Lastly, she is fun to work with and always has a positive attitude to tackle the tough problems.

Mackenzie saves you so much time in the day to focus on the most important drivers of your business. From organizing your email, scheduling all key activities and following up the all loose ends to make sure any project is on track. There is nothing she cannot handle. From selecting and building a CRM, developing and monitoring email campaigns, and working with lawyer, accountants or other key partners to get the job done.

Mackenzie maximizes productivity in all areas of your business and personal life. She is always working behind the scenes to make sure you are always working the highest priorities of your business. She does so much more than just scheduling activities and monitoring email. She is a master of organization, productivity and solving problems. I highly recommend her for anyone that wants to take his or her productivity to the next level.

Marshall Johnson

Managing Director, Arctic Capital LLC

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Robin and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to our team. She is honest, dependable, detail oriented, a self-guided learner, incredibly hard-working, and has an uncanny ability to anticipate what needs to be done next. Beyond that, she is a focused and results oriented communicator who is always warm and accommodating in her approach. Along with her undeniable talent, Robin was always an absolute joy to work with. She is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of those she interacts with. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Robin to join anyone’s team!
Stephen Halonen

CEO, Vercon Inc

I was skeptical of working with a virtual assistant prior to working with Lorna Peery. After working with her for a couple of weeks and learning to really ask for what I needed, Lorna was able to understand what was important to me, help me develop consistency to delegate to her and ultimately be more efficient on a daily basis. As a result of working with Lorna, I prefer working with a virtual EA and couldn’t envision going back to employing a full time EA located on site.
Howard Paster

Owner, Paster Properties, LLC

As a newbie to hiring a Virtual Assistant, I can say that this decision has been a game changer for me and our business over the past year. Partnering with Kris at mackenziedoheny.com helped me to take a step out of my business to actually work on my business. Spend less time in the simple mundane day-to-day tasks (that I thought were so quick and simple for me to do) and more time on growing and making more money for our company. Kris has been a huge asset to our team. She was timely, friendly, took action with little direction and came up with new ideas for what a VA could take off my plate that I hand’t even thought of. And even better, they shared overall business knowledge, best practices, books, tips and tools with me over our time together that were invaluable to our company. I highly recommend Kris and the whole team if you’re looking to grow your personal or professional life.
Morgan Molitor

Owner, construction2style

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