Executive and Personal Assistance, Done Virtually.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant provides executive office and personal assistance, remotely. 

As all of our teammates have years of experience assisting high-level executives, we understand how much integrity, dedication and care is necessary in an assistant role.

Our Mission is to create strong partnerships with clients, enabling us to become an extension of their organization and enhance their company brand by streamlining work flows, effectively managing their time, and creating invaluable efficiencies.


email, calendar, crm, etc.

Your inbox should not be our enemy. Let us take the reigns and guide you to a fully managed email, a delegated calendar and contact records that function.

Travel, Events and Personal Services

We coordinate and schedule travel for you so you don’t have to and we make that personal to-do list disappear.

Social Media, Blog and Website services

Our team is skilled in social media management and growth in order to gain exposure and help you see the ROI from your social media efforts.

Financial, HR and Office services

Get a hand with your books, payroll and other office services that eat away at your time and consume your attention.


What does your assistant really think–about you, their job, and the organization?

Over the years, I have done much hiring, training, and mentoring of executive assistants. In that time, I’ve learned to recognize characteristics of highly successful assistants. Much of their success comes from their attitudes—towards their leader, their job, and the organization. Here are three things that highly successful assistants do: They believe, truly, that what …


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