Mackenzie Doheny

Mackenzie Doheny


Mackenzie is a highly skilled Senior Level Executive Assistant with an impressive 24-year career dedicated to providing exceptional support to CEOs. With a wealth of experience spanning the non-profit, private, and public sectors, she has worked closely with C-Suite executives, presidents, and founders, gaining invaluable insight into the inner workings of top-level leadership.

Throughout her career, Mackenzie has not only honed her own expertise but also dedicated over a decade to hiring, training, and managing executive assistants. She has built and currently leads a successful team of virtual executive assistants, ensuring seamless operations and outstanding support for executives across various organizations and industries.

In 2016, Mackenzie forged a strategic partnership with CO2 Partners, leveraging her virtual assistance capabilities to deliver professional and personal support to the CEO. Her unwavering integrity, dedication, and personalized approach have earned her a reputation for delivering the same level of care and effectiveness in virtual settings as in face-to-face environments.

Mackenzie possesses a genuine passion for transforming the relationship between executives and their assistants. She firmly believes that the role of an Executive Assistant extends far beyond day-to-day transactions and administrative tasks. Instead, she advocates for the EA to be a true partner in managing the executive office, seamlessly integrating into the leader’s work and personal life.

Having mentored and trained Executive Assistants for many years, Mackenzie recognized the need to formalize her expertise. In 2020, she developed an innovative coaching program specifically designed to empower EAs. This program teaches the core values of the EA role, helps EAs develop their personal brand, and elevates their position to that of a strategic partner, equipped to drive meaningful impact alongside their leaders.

When she’s not immersed in her professional pursuits, Mackenzie finds solace in nature. Whether hiking, running, camping, or swimming in the ocean, she embraces the outdoors. Additionally, she loves having dance parties with her two sons and cherishes quality time with her family. One of her aspirations is to travel to every continent, embracing diverse cultures and experiences along the way.

Expertise Memberships & Credentials
Executive Office Management International Association of Administrative Professionals
Project Management Global Association of Virtual Assistants
Process Development International Virtual Assistants Association
Strategic Planning and Strategy Development Microsoft Office Certifications
Microsoft Office Suite/Power Point/Adobe  Women On Point Next Level Leadership Summit Graduate
CRM Management  Asana Certified Pro
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