Jordan Benson

Jordan Benson

Technical Consultant / CRM Expert

Jordan is a computer science graduate, who has been working in the CRM and IT industry for over 5 years. His focus has been on working with small-medium sized businesses, who are looking to better manage the data in their CRM and/or have a need for occasional technical support.

He has taken his passion for technology, along with his business experience to help other business owners keep up with today’s technology driven infrastructure. Unlike most tech specialists, Jordan happens to be a highly social person –  meaning you can expect a personable interaction at every step with clear and concise communication.

Most of his time is spent in front of a screen, but when he finds time to get away from the computer you’ll typically find him rock climbing, or doing some new construction project to improve his home.

Expertise: Credentials:
Zoho CRM

BSc. Majoring in Computing Science

Solve CRM
Business Process Automation
Generating Reports
G Suite
Programming (primarily small scripts for process automation)
WordPress Website Development
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