DECEMBER 2, 2018 BY KRIS JAMIESON Is Your Business Growing?

Often times entrepreneur’s and executive’s growth hits a ceiling when they are trying to do everything on their own and things start to go overlooked when this happens.  Consider partnering with a virtual assistant to help you grow. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. VA’s effectively provide you more time for you to focus on the areas that will help grow your business as they will take on the administrative tasks are sucking all your time from you.
  2. VAs generate new ideas and more efficient ways of doing things – this saves time and money – as well as allowing you to scale operations. VAs have experience working with different industries, businesses and people. Your VA could suggest the perfect solution to a problem you’ve been tackling.
  3. Hiring a VA is more cost effective than hiring a full-time employee. There are no benefits to pay, and VAs use their own office space and equipment. You pay for their time – that’s it.
  4. VAs generally have specialized skills that could benefit you in lots of ways such as marketing, bookkeeping, social media, and also networking on your behalf.
  5. VAs are typically business owners themselves, and understand the pressures you experience, and are better equipped to help minimize pressure and risk.

Not only can a VA help you be more efficient, your VA can be a great resource for new ideas and ways of doing things. Your VA can become an integral part of your business and be just as dedicated to growing it as you are.

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