Heather Harrington

Heather Harrington

Virtual Executive & Personal Assistant

Heather is a detail-oriented and engaged individual who has really found her professional niche being an Executive Assistant. She has a wealth of experience working in both small and large team settings, and working for a variety of enterprises, from admissions and alumni offices at two separate colleges, to supporting a marketing team across three locations at a Fortune 500 organization. She has also worked as a Virtual Executive Assistant, supporting multiple executives across multiple locations and subject matters (including several tech startups). Heather’s favorite part of being an Executive Assistant is building trust with her executive so that there is not only a level of harmony and collegiality, but also the opportunity to be one step ahead.  

Outside of work Heather is married with two kids, two dogs, and two cats. She likes keeping busy but also enjoys relaxing weekends with her family and friends, as well as reading, traveling and art.  

Areas of Expertise: Certifications or Diplomas:
Inbox Management B.A in Graphic Design 
Calendar Management 
Google Suite 
Microsoft Suite 
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Accounts & Inventory Management
Travel Management 
Social Media Management
Data Entry 
Copy Editing 
Presentation Editing and Building
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