Keep That Confidential, Please

As a business owner or executive, you likely deal with confidential information often. You also need help with tasks involving that sensitive and confidential information. One of the many benefits of having a Virtual Assistant is confidential projects can be handled without others in the company being aware. This can prevent having to navigate the politics that may come when employees handle certain information.

Let’s say it’s bonus time. Great! That’s a wonderful way to show employees you care, and that they are valuable to you. But what if you don’t want anyone to know the amounts others receive? What if you have certain employees who have gone above and beyond this year, and you want to give them more without hurting anyone else’s feelings? A VA can help facilitate these tasks, and isn’t an employee, so isn’t offended by any amount anyone receives.

Now let’s say you need to let someone go. That’s never easy. There are many pieces of information that need to be kept highly confidential. Your Virtual Assistant can help prepare documents, contact attorneys, conduct interviews with other employees, and help gather needed information.

Now let’s say you want to surprise your spouse with a party or dinner or special gift. That’s awesome! That task can be handled by your VA vs an employee. It’s a personal item, and you may want to keep it confidential. Your employees don’t necessarily need to know what you’re planning, or how much it costs.

What if you are outgrowing your current office space and want to look for something new? Employees may have different ideas than you do about how things should look and where people should sit. Maybe you want to make the decisions, and not have to justify them to the company. All of the details can be handled by your Virtual Assistant. Your VA is there to help and isn’t the least bit offended when someone else gets an office.

Not only can a VA help you be more efficient, your VA can be a business partner who keeps things confidential and has no emotional ties to the outcome. Your VA can become an integral part of making sure sensitive information stays that way.


Kris Jamieson

Is Your Business Growing?

By: Kris Jamieson

Often times entrepreneur’s and executive’s growth hits a ceiling when they are trying to do everything on their own and things start to go overlooked when this happens.  Consider partnering with a virtual assistant to help you grow. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. VA’s effectively provide you more time for you to focus on the areas that will help grow your business as they will take on the administrative tasks are sucking all your time from you.
  2. VAs generate new ideas and more efficient ways of doing things – this saves time and money – as well as allowing you to scale operations. VAs have experience working with different industries, businesses and people. Your VA could suggest the perfect solution to a problem you’ve been tackling.
  3. Hiring a VA is more cost effective than hiring a full-time employee. There are no benefits to pay, and VAs use their own office space and equipment. You pay for their time – that’s it.
  4. VAs generally have specialized skills that could benefit you in lots of ways such as marketing, bookkeeping, social media, and also networking on your behalf.
  5. VAs are typically business owners themselves, and understand the pressures you experience, and are better equipped to help minimize pressure and risk.

Not only can a VA help you be more efficient, your VA can be a great resource for new ideas and ways of doing things. Your VA can become an integral part of your business and be just as dedicated to growing it as you are.

Kris Jamieson

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Client Gift Giving Without the Stress

By: Kris Jamieson

Now that Halloween is over, the world has launched the holiday season. Every corner you turn you are faced with bows, trees, glitter, and song. The holiday season can be a logistical nightmare for a business owner: gifts, traveling, corporate and family events, gifts, evening engagements, gifts…

Your clients are likely hoping, and maybe some expecting, a thank you for their business.  Let’s just add this to your ever-growing list, shall we?

Lean on your assistant for this and leverage their ability to organize, collect addresses, compare costs and hopefully their creativity.

Below is an outline of what your assistant should be thinking about and helping you get in motion:

  • Timing. Decide when clients should receive their gifts in order to work backwards. Are you recognizing them at Thanksgiving? That is a great way to send a message of thanks to your clients. Maybe you’d like to wait until December, or some companies choose to recognize their clients around the New Year. Whenever you want your gifts to be received, timing is the key to everything working out well.
  • The Gift. You can choose this, or let your assistant chose, or work together to come up with the perfect gift. Think about your business and your audience. What is the essence or “feel” of your business? Who are your clients? Do they have anything in common? Do you want to send food or something perishable? Will you have something created with your logo, etc that will require lead time? Is there a brand message you would like to send? Will you send the same gift to everyone, or will you have different levels of gifts? The answers to these questions should coincide with the timing.
  • Preparation. Your assistant should own this step, but may need your input if you have personal preferences about any of these points: Is there any assembly required before the gifts are sent? Are there items that are being ordered vs picked up at a store, or is it a combination? What other items will you need for gift wrapping, and overall presentation of the gift? If you are sending gift certificates, or some other gift that recipients will need to retrieve, how will receipt of the order be tracked?
  • Delivery. Your assistant will track delivery via whatever service you decide to use and make sure that all have been received. Some hard-to-deliver to locations can be solved by using a courier or having your assistant hand deliver as needed. Let them give you updates once a week or so, as well as letting you know if any delivery trouble was encountered so you can send a personal note letting them know it’s on the way.

Your assistant can be hugely important with the planning, execution and follow-up of your holiday client gifts. With good communication, your assistant can take your ideas and run with the plan. You can be as closely connected to the process as you wish, depending on what you decide to do.

Whatever you do, may your upcoming holiday client (and all) gift giving be a well-organized and stress-free process. It is possible – and that’s a gift for YOU.